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Missionaries Ray and Wanda Hoover


Dear Brethren November 5th was our 1st anniversary for our new church in Legetafo,. These photos tell the story of a place where the locals said a church cannot be built there But God—.  Families that lost their homes bulldozed down with hardly any advance knowledge to the owners But God—-.  Poor children that were ignored, abused and neglected But God—.  Families rebuilt that were broken inside and out But God —.

But with God nothing shall be impossible .  The Lord is building a church in Legetafo, Ethiopia.  Praise his wonderful name.  Our first Sunday one year ago was about 20 now we are at 100 .  This is the blessing of God and the hard work of our Team Ethiopia staff and lay workers.  Wanda and I have seen firsthand the sacrifice and vision of a small growing church to reach the lost in their country.  God bless you for your faithful partnership in reaching Ethiopia for Christ.

Ray and Wanda Hoover
It began in 1966 when a beautiful young lady said yes to a foolish young man. Over 50 years have passed and those two have become Mom and Dad, Nana and Pop and now great grand parents.  From two kids, to marriage, to parenthood, to college students, to missionaries.  What a trip it has been.  

Our biological family is here in America and we love each of them but the family has extended to other countries and now we stand in front of the mirror and wonder who is that?  Well it's still those two kids who got saved and fell in love with Jesus and have been trying to serve Him ever since. 

May our blessed Lord and Saviour give you a fantastic Christmas.

Ray, Wanda, Melissa, Paul, Jim and our great big, fantastic and beautiful family.